huge hugs christmas and new years hugs

Heya to everyone who still comes to foxy! Terribly sorry for being such a shit blogger lately... Could list a billion excuses ... christmas (christmas number one that is, cause I'm a Russian Australian ha ha), moving to discount blog , lack of motivation, also gots a bit sick for the last couple of days and been attached to my bed. Anyway, it's late now so perhaps I will re-kick my blogging escapades tomorrow arvo. I'm actually no cat person myself, but I'll leave you with the real reason I wanted to do this post..... xxxxxx

Also, if you haven't yet and have some time and interest... please check out me and Cami's new blog DI$COUNT WWW.NODISCOUNT.COM.AU 


Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

Aw the kitties look so peaceful -- and usually they're plotting world take over. The new blog looks great!

FOXYMAN said...

Hey Suzanne! Thanks so much for visiting the new blog :) I'm in love with that hugging kitty image x

Kylie said...

I'm still here! Oops, forgot to put the new blog on my Googlereader.... will do straight away.
Bloggining or not blogging, hope your having an amazing holiday, love!


Vlad said...

aaaaawwwwwww sho cute!!!!

aleksandra said...

I hear you about first Christmas, by the time second New year comes, I'm done. Being so far away from home helps..

ACEsoft said...

Nice blog for new generation


mohamed12 said...

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