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hey everyone! I haven't really been able to keep my mouth shut about me and Cami's new creative endeavor for a while now and am SO HAPPY that the blog part of it is up now... not sure when exactly the other parts are coming, but should be soon! For now, check out:

I'm going to post here too for another little while... I have some posts that I still want to put up that are real important to me! 



Cami said...


Clara said...

woww! amazing pic.

Queen Michelle said...

Excellent blog! The pics are fab. On my favourites already xx

Jodes said...

I was having a really shit day dealing with pain in the ass production problems and your comment totally turnrd it around.

Thanks sooo much, i'm flattered someone like yourself who i consider to have epic taste, style and talent thinks so highly of the label.

Can't wait to see what you are working on next, i'm sure it will be nothing short of awesomness!


Erika said...

Honestly, this picture is just too fabulous for words!! :)

Lilitu said...

Happy to hear about your new blog :)
"Foxyman" is fantastic.

chloe said...

congrats x
p.s happy xmas and have a fab 2010!

thatsorad said...

Rad dude!!!!! :) congrats!


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agreat said...

The images look so much fun! Thanks for the discount blog. I’ll check it out later.

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