Stop trying to auto-correct 'colour' American program, I refuse to spell it 'color'

I am LOVING this post (who even says that about their own posts) I reckon by the time this next year is out, we will all be sick to hell of all the fashion mags featuring coloured hair all over their pages, but for now, let's enjoy! I gots to admit, the ones who will really suffer are those that have 'been doing it for years before it became a trend'. Usually, I'd feel sorry... but in this instance, I will be the first to admit - I don't care! I want to see this EVERYWHERE I look until it's completely fucking dead!!! 

By the way, has anyone ever noticed how fast trends occur? First you start noticing it subtly - say, on some emo kid on Flinders street with 12 facial piercings and bright blue hair... then in a Tim Burton editorial where you catch yourself focussing on a hair colour rather than the elusive Nina Ricci hoofs... you start thinking about how great it looks, but how you, yourself, could never pull it off! Next thing you know, you're trying on wigs and searching the internet for dye, completely obsessed with the idea of having bright orange hair!!!! I swear, everything always starts off belonging to a very specific context - whether it's a fashion editorial, an era, a subculture, or whatever else... and no matter how untouchable it might seem at first, we always find a way to rape it and make it normal. Just to clarify, I'm not ranting (because this [fashun] is how it has to be) just making an obvious observation since it's 2.30am and I clearly have nothing else to do. I hope there are people out there with thoughts about this... any thoughts at all. PLEASE ALL DYE YOUR HAIR A CRAZY COLOUR SO I CAN LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU!!!

johnny rotten from the sex pistols
bowie, rotten
bowie ziggy 
Just a taste of what's to come... By the way, on a tangent here... but can you imagine the outrage this would cause if it was Aussie Vogue!?! This would NEVER be approved. So disappointing. 
from that hip movie that every blogger is posting stills from, I can't remember what it's called but I think just this shot makes me wanna see it...
the next two images I ripped from fashion hayley's blog . They were taken in Sydney. This is Hayley's friend...
I met the girl below a few years ago at some vice party when she visited melb, so I was excited to see her in such a great outfit (wish I could see more of it) she had a cool outfit on back then too. Hayley said she made that jacket... which is cool cause SHE actually MADE it, you know, not got someone to make it for her and then say she made it. respect.

To see more of the following, click HERE . I've spent so much time at this gallery, it's not even funny. I've seen pretty much every image (more than once).
Yep, I definitely should not be posting this late at night/ early morning!!!


Fashion Hayley said...

"I've been doing this for years" ha. Seriously though, when I was 13 I went blue, then I did canary yellow, then orange. And this year I've been pink and purple. It is fun to have colourful hair but it always makes me feel so young, which at 25 isn't always a good thing (or bad thing) but you know what I mean. You should so do it though xxx

katrina said...

Hah great post really, i think if it wasn't my school, i'd go orange right this moment.:)

Nancy said...

The girl with the blue hair is beautiful! What a talent she's got. From the fabric of her piece, I'm just going to assume that it's gorgeous. Cheers. Fun Post.

FOXYMAN said...

Hayley... I really want to do it! But if to do it I need to get the platinum done first to go under it, then I might aswell just stay with the platinum! Maybe I might try it later on though!

Katrina.. damn, that sucks!

Nancy... Sorry, I meant the girl with the red hair made her jacket! Just edited the post then :)

Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

Well it definitely was confrontational to have coloured hair back in the "early" days. This post is so timely, I'm headed out to Manic Panic HQ today! I really want my green hair back, who cares if I'm an old bat!

May Kasahara said...

manic panic was the first ever and only reason I can remember for every wishing to be blonde . . . .

the guilty hyena said...

Love changing up hair colour frequently....cant imagine the long term damage of hair tho



b said...

the film that everyone is posting stills from is called "christiane f: wir kinder vom bahnhoff zoo" and the soundtrack was done by bowie.

Shay said...

totally hear you on colour/color, being Canadian! So irritating. The "cool movie" is Christiane F. which is a German film (with Bowie in it!!) that is a brutal examination of two kids with heroin addictions - kind of the anti-Trainspotting. Being old enough to remember the first time that movie was cool, I somehow thrifted the soundtrack on vinyl way back... Heros in German is not to be missed. Liking your new blog!!

Kylie said...

YES colour IS spelt with an "u", it's the Canadian way too! Anyways, this post is amazing (its ok for you to admit it, I do it all the time... ha!). Right now I'm all about pink and blue hair, pink tips on blonde hair is what I consider perfection. I've got brownn hair but arrrggg, I just want to do something crazy with it so bad!! I think you should dye the blonde in your hair a bright orange... you could so work it.


Random Fashion Coolness said...

Similarly to you, I am also LOVING this post. Gorgeous images highlighting some SPECTACULAR hair. Well done! (That sounds really condescending....but I genuinely mean it ;) x

Caitlin said...

i am totally dying my hair RED like poison ivy! xx

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Aaaaah YES.
When I was about 12 I used to do jazz ballet classes every Saturday morning in some dinky little Church way out. After our class finished the older-girls' class started and their teacher was this epic chick with black hair, and the entire front section was completely bleached out and every week it was a different colour. I thought she was the most awesome chick I'd ever seen, and I spent years after wishing for her hair, except back then I wasn't even allowed to dye my hair.
I had my first go at 16 with "raspberry beret" by fudge over the summer holidays. Fudge doesn't last long though, it was gone by the time we went back to school.
More recently I did two fluoro red streaks on either sides of my head which I kept for about a year but my hair is so fine that the
bleach just destroyed my hair. Lately I've been going aggro wishing for it again, but I don't think I can put my hair through it again.
I guess I can still live my hair dream vicariously through fashion now for a while? Heh. xx

ginevra / red_swirl said...

hah! I did get my hair dyed fluro pink about a week ago (faded now). haven't yet dared post a photo on the internet, I'll let you know when I do.

Trends are totally weird, wish I understood how they worked!

FOXYMAN said...

Suzanne ... NOT AN OLD BAT! really hope you do end up getting the green back.. you would look AMAZING...

May Kasahara... I saw some pics of the Manic Panic virgin snow toner.. WOW so incredible, so I know where you're coming from!

the guilty hyena... guess you just gotta try not to think about it... although that and money are probably the reasons that have been keeping me from going platinum for SOME time now!

FOXYMAN said...

ginevra!!!! please do let me know when you post pics!! i'm sure it looks fantastic, you should definitely post them :) By the way, I actually think the faded colours look a lot better than the super bright ones!

Alicia... oh my god... she actually sounds like a fucking goddess!! what a lady! I can see why you you would have thought she was the most amazing chick haha... I remember when I desperately wanted to dye my hair all these different colours (in the 90s right?!!?!) but was never allowed either! Totally remember the fudge ads in girlfriend and dolly magazines too! ... I'm really scared bleaching my hair will fuck it too :( I have really fine hair also you see!


Random Fashion Coolness... thanks dude!! haha Sometimes ya cringe at posts, other times you can't help but love them, no matter how much others may be cringing! :)

Kylie.. i am all up for you doing something crazy... the pink and blue sounds awesome.. (just like any crazy colour does to me at the moment!!!!) I actually thought about dying the blonde in my hair bright orange... but I'm not sure for two reasons: 1. I'm trying to keep it as healthy as possible to get it done platinum (not that it's working very well) and im scared extra dye will fuck it even more.. and 2. I think i have SO MUCH brown re-growth that it might clash with the orange? no? not sure!?!

Shay... thanks for the heaps up!!! arrrrggghhh REALLY wanting to see it... will investigate into hiring it in the new year for sure! :)

battered couture said...

you forgot Kurt.

Ganymede Girl said...

Right now I am really loving the more pastel hair shades, especially cotton candy pink. When I was a teenager I dyed my hair bright orange a couple of times inspired by Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element. I dyed parts of my hair green before too. Sometimes I want to bleach it and dye it pale purple or something like that, but I damaged my hair so much with bleach and dye before that I'm kind of scared of messing it up again. I don't think I have the guts to do it again, but maybe on a whim or something I'll do it before giving myself time to think about it hahah.


i've done deep blue and silvery blue and purple last year using star gaze hair colours which are THE best! i got them in camden town in london for like 4pound a bottle and u can buy them online as well. its 100% natural and the best part is when u wash your hair its getting all these highlights that look so much better then just the colour on its own!
got some pics if u wanna share

Michelle said...

I'm one of those people who's been doing colored hair for a while (umm...about three years now, doesn't seem so long!) but I'd love to see everyone else doing it! Rainbow hair makes my heart happy. I've had everything from a literal rainbow, to a green and purple mohawk...right now it's dark purple with some red bits up front.

If you DO decide to go for orange, definitely use Special Effects Napalm Orange. I did it a while ago and LOVED it - it was such a pretty orange!! Here's a photo:


(sorry for a bit of a long comment, crazy hair is a subject near and dear to my heart...)


f1ab said...

i totally agree with everything about this post. brilliant observation, and worded excellently.

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd kept my hair the clownlike orange I had for a few months last year, but the upkeep was insane - it kept fading out and looking wan after about two weeks. Urgh.

I still think about it sometimes, it's too tempting.

Lara Natascha said...

the movie called "wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo" you defently have to see it. its fantastic.

chloe said...

ha, i went through like, a million hair colours: purple, red, orange, fuschia, white, black (at one point black at the front and white at the back).
compared to my old styles, my current hair is quite boring, heh

happy new year foxy! xxx

. said...

haha isnt that mademoiselle yuki or something. i forgot her name, hahaa she's the accesory designer or something right. i love her ringsssssssss (:


Carmen said...

I can't tell you how obsessed I have been with coloUring my hair purple!! I think Ive been talking about it for a year or more... So irritating that I haven't dared yet. Trends do indeed happen very fast, and I do get irritated by the mainstream trends ruining something that was more underground and special, but what can we do but to try to keep our individuality and not get too manipulated and just pick up the things that suit us on the way.

Chip said...

lady gaga's yellow hair is sooo great right now

THREE PETE said...

FUCKK YEAHHHH SPECIAL EFFECTS. Those azns are my girls! your blog is fantastico

x x x


Maya said...

haha i love beeunique gallery, i look through there all the time trying to figure out what color i want to go next. when i was younger i had mauve, purple, bright orange, black, and bleached hair. nowdays i use special effects in blood red over my darkish brown base dye...it looks nice, but i've been wanting to go more intense lately. i think i'm going to mix red with purple and see how it turns out.

YUKO said...

Hmmmm where is the green hair at? It's definitely the best. Perhaps I'm biased because my entire head of hair is green...but I do like that lavender. I have considered going lavender, but a softer shade.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone has commented on the girl with the orange hair (or if you'll receive this comment because it's an old post!) but she lives in Sydney and works for General Pants. She graduated from St. George fashion design a few years ago!

Rosee said...

god damn. that's it.
The pics of bowie and rotten just made it even more clear.
I'm going ginge!

mia said...

That hip movie is called Christiane F. I really think you would love that movie! (David Bowie is in it too!)

Anonymous said...

Pink hair stay the best
(sorry for the approximative English, I'm Swiss and not very good with your language but I love your blog<3)

Nishant said...

the movie called "wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo" you defently have to see it. its fantastic.

swimwear videos

inkarlcerating said...

hahahaha u have a point. oh i love u!

Pilar said...

I went pink recently!
Here are my pictures: http://pilar-delamode.blogspot.com/2011/12/pink.html