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hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.... ok, I just came across this picture on SHIRTS AND DESTROY and couldn't help but repost it, it's so funny!!! It with this caption:

Being into Slayer is Metal. Being a chihuahua is NON-Metal but turning around and taking a dump at someone who just questioned your Metalness blasts you into the Metal stratosphere.

...made my day. (Happy Orthodox Easter to all those who it applies to)



Kat George said...

This is really cute, although I know it's supposed to be more hardcore than cute. I can't help it OK? I'm so not metal!

I am however Greek so thanks for the Easter love!


MANFOX said...

Kat, I find this SO CUTE. I am more into the image of the cute little dog doing a shit in a slayer tee than into slayer tee itself. (sorry to all slayer fans) not one of my favorite bands eeeeeee

Queen Of Russia said...


If only you could do that without getting arrested. Or destroyed.


Happy Easter!



divine bunny said...

haha cute


Gnar Jen said...

Oh shit this is great!!!!
Reminds me to find my pup a Motorhead shirt! At which time I will no doubt be recreating this shot, with Nico, for you. Ha.

May Kasahara said...


Revolution Malibu said...

fu%kin' hilarious!

thisisweeny.com said...


That's all.

chloe said...

oh dude, im showing this to my boyfriend right now. he loves slayer, i love chihuahuas, maybe now he'll agree to let me have one? x

Lady Death said...

This is the best thing I've seen in a while.