the KKK took my baby away

Had the best night last night! me and lovely boyfriend went to Marky Ramone's blitzkrieg with Michale Graves (90s Misfits) on vocals and two other people who I don't really know. They played all Ramones songs. It was such an awesome night - even though I almost got my neck broken a billion fuckin times by all these full grown guys climbing onto the stage, then getting thrown back by security - but it was well worth it. Was also pretty happy to score a tshirt that i found on the floor and managed to swap for a new one.

Here he is!!! Marky Ramone!


Michale Grave's ridiculously amazing duct tape pants that I couldn't stop staring at


lucky i managed to swap the tee i found on the floor (it was a size S and i don't wear small tee shirts) for an XL
Marky Ramone tee, levis cut off shorts, new boots, Keerstin Wintrup snake bracelet (AMAZING!!  separate post on this coming asap)

boots I got today


Anonymous said...

YOU LUCKY LUCKY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

MANFOX said...

hahhaha i knowww can you believe it - its the closest living ramones experience you can get... i fought hard for my spot too i have bruises all over my legs from getting slammed into the stage!!!

chloe said...

rockin' night, we don't get much of that kind of thing here, cyprus is a bit quiet :)
i love your tee, im majorly into oversize at the moment! x

robyn said...

wha!? lucky girl! i'd just about murder for that experience... okay well not murder, perhaps some groveling.

i don't know how you survived a pit. i attempted a pit at a rancid show in 2000 and nearly died. i also got blood splattered on me at another show (forgot which one). so i've just about given up. i'm too much of a wimp.

Anastacia said...

WOW, what brand are those boots????

Luce said...

I can't go into pits anymore, I'm too tiny!! So congrats on making it out ALIVE and for scoring that awesome shirt.

I've always wanted to see if I could make a wearable piece of clothing out of duct tape... would be very interesting.

MANFOX said...

chloe: haha yeah oversized tees are a way of life for me!

robyn: that reminds me, once my friend actually got BITTEN by this random guy in a pit.. so gross. i think if you're at the very front like up against the stage it's not so bad because you can lean on it and push back if you're in trouble haha (having a boyfriend as a barrier helps too sometimes)

Anastacia: boots are 90s windsor smith.. nothing special

Luce: His had a fly etc so it just looked like it was just a collection of duct tape ripped off the stage after years and years of touring and sticking it on his jeans/pants and now the duct tape has taken over the initial structure of the pants! insane!

Anonymous said...

why, I'm right here, reading your blog, loving your new finds and totally obsessed with markys patchworked+hardware leather pants. Why don't you live near me so we can DIY these pants together over some whiskey?? Yea it would be so sick. In fact I bet YOU'VE already started.

Bijou and Ruby said...

My god duct tape pants amazing...when are we gonna see the DIY eh? I'm with you this is a fashion mystery and a half. I think its a conspiracy and maybe the boots weren't made by any big name designer, maybe sportsgirl is the true maker of these most amazing shoes.

Bijou and Ruby said...

brilliant, fingers and toes crossed that sportsgirl gets the memo

trigg and trig. said...

great boots with those little black sockies.

Wends said...


Anonymous said...

Great blog, girl!!
xoxo L.

May Kasahara said...

ok those boots are intense.
and the shirt is epic.
and the show looks like it was intimate and fucking mindblowing.
so fucking fun.


Estelle said...

sweet boots, where did you find them? ebay?

robyn said...

haha true the front isn't so bad. unfortunately i was caught in a circle pit. so scary!

if i get the tickets i want for the next nine inch nails/janes addiction show, i will try your advice and bring a boy (although this seems pretty ambitious at the moment).

Anonymous said...

really amazing about moscow and name, i am also galina...and do u speak russian?

keep on making such great blog!

Francheska said...

I´m soooo jealous right now that I have no words to describe how jealous i actually am!
I just found out about your blog through knightcat
and i love it all!
im adding you to my blogroll
hope you dont mind !