dirty black summer

These are so great. They are from
LEATHERLORE which I found through this awesome blog: THE TRASHICIST
My favorite is the skull top - only $55 and I can imagine it would look damn good on a tight, strapless black mini dress. 

images via leatherlore.com


Lady Death said...

That is crazy! I was just looking up skulls in fashion, and I check my blogger and here's this post! Awesome!

zana bayne said...


I will show you my sketchbook. I have that pentagram top PLANNED. I even made the bustier for it and everything but never finished. I was going to make the same fucking thing in JANUARY.


elizabeth said...

fuck yeah! love the pentagram top! it's like they read my mind...

Inspiration Archery said...

that was totaly shit out of a skull having sex with black creamy leather
im sorry is that wierd
but honestly that is so inspirational sick post

C.Lo said...

Lol, no such thing as an original idea, Zana. Personal mantra for art & design. I have a feeling that top's been thought of by at least a thousand people over time.

I also think that skull halter would look even more amazing over a WHITE minidress. Show up better. Minidress>unhemmed

MANFOX said...

^^^^ i still go with black i DO NOT want to see my ass in a white mini dress and i don't think anyone else will either

Queen Of Russia said...




La Chauve-Souris said...

I was thinking of my an outfit out of leather and chain, it was going on my mind for a long time.

And now I see your post, and you know exactly what's inspiring me!!

definetly, a must daily check blog
for inspiration

the bat

LuxiRare said...

These are beautiful! I love corsets obviously I'm sure there is a way for you to get your hands on them

TRASH said...

i really like the skull....but im worried if i got it might look like an apron in person...thought?