Helmut Lang 

It would have been a pretty sad day when Helmut Lang left his own company in 2005. I'm not sure who's designing under his name now, I think it's some couple - from memory they might even be from Australia. This is what he said about leaving:

"The size of the company kept growing, and I had the feeling at one point that I would become the victim of my own success and get pushed further away from what I worked so hard to be able to do. I did try to do more artistic work in between, but it was not possible to be one of the main players in the fashion world and then to do art at the same time. I was ready to take a new challenge, in part because in fashion, things have become very predictable."

Images via TFS. 
Photography by Terry Richardson 
1993 - 2003 


Queen Of Russia said...

yeah...it's a shame man.

This shit is still pretty awesome tho...




~ Faith said...

Love those chaps/pants! Yum.


Marina S. said...

i love this blog

susie miller said...

i get what he meant but his collections were amazing and had such an impact in fashion in the 90s, its sad that he left but you gotta do what you gotta do and i guess you can get swept up so easily in the business of fashion that you forget why you loved it start.
and you are right it is a couple now designing since 2007 i believe!

Lady Death said...

I hate it when a designer leaves and someone else designs under their name. It's just never the same.

These are some stunning looks however!

Anonymous said...

These pants are fuckin amazing!

robyn said...

Foxy, your posts always strike a chord with me. You touch upon a lot of subjects that I can't really shut up about.

When the Helmut Lang label was sold to Theory, I had high hopes that it wouldn't be reduced to an advanced contemporary label such as... well Theory. But lo and behold, it happened. While I do like the designs, its not the same. The battle between art and #s is all too common. Comprimising fashion as art, and fashion for profit, is all too difficult. Look at what happened to Theyskens with Nina Ricci...even Valentino (at least he got to retire).

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Yeah, this was pretty sad. Especially since the couple that took over basically turned his company into a minimalist juniors line, nothing anywhere as edgy as anything he would do.


elizabeth said...

I just found your blog a few weeks ago, actually, and I think it's ridiculously good. Along with your style.
I like it all really.

rackkandruin said...

ann d eat your heart out!!! these are fucking killer!!

Alicia said...

So beautiful.

Heights of Fashion said...

I just discovered your blog and love it. I added you to our Blog Roll. I love all ur content and fits right up our alley.

Have a great day and check us out too!


Anonymous said...

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