third generation nation

ok, nat i know you're going to be reading this, and i know how much you miss us so OBVIOUSLY this one is for you (ps: come back home to us i don't care how fabulous London town and WGSN is, nothing beats our company ha ha!)

There is not a lot I appreciate more than a good creative space - never underestimate the power of it!! Today I hung out at one of my best friends, Christiana's studio - it's incredible, busy and full of creative energy - one of my favorite places to be so thought I would take some photos.

Another note: sorry to ALWAYS be bring up the weather (swear I do have other things on my mind) but SERIOUSLY today was a top of 17 and low of 9.... FIVE DAYS AFTER IT'S A COUPLE BELOW 50deg AND I'M SITTING HERE FREEZING WITH THE HEATER ON!!!









How awesome are her flares (from own label)!!! Foxyman blog up on my computer!


Note: not trying to be good examples of outfits AT ALL but thought I'd post anyway because of the whacked out poses. First one is my "uniform" (quote luxirare) minus leather jacket, plus weird sequin bustier I found at the studio. Second is new wool skirt I picked up at the op-shop this morning with my jeans around my legs which look like some some sick flare boots.


amare_la_vita said...

Can't wait for drinks and malboro golds (on the occasion when I do smoke but insist that I don't smoke) in the amazing place that is her studio! Loving the knit-flares and the flare-boots!!!! i think you have something totally going on there!!Miss you both so so so much!!

rackkandruin said...

your friend should have The Selby come shoot her studio, it's beautiful! i love the brick walls and industrial fan. i want to play dress up there

Anonymous said...

loving ur uniform and your second shot. I love that pattern of the mini skirt, i know there is a term but its totally slipping my mind.

Anonymous said...

seriously..i want to live in this glorious studio. all around perfection!

Luce said...

Pictures of studios are one of my most favourite things! wish i had such an awesome space. I really like that skirt too... luxirare- the pattern, is it houndstooth??? Or am i making that up? Whatever, super.

Anonymous said...

todd selby would be proud ;)
i want to live at this place!

alexandrovka said...

Dear thefoxyman and fellow supporters of this wonderful blog,

I wanted to write my comments so much – I even went to the effort of creating a user name for myself.
I would just like to say how refreshing it is to see such a brilliant, clearly edited and beautifully laid out blog! I would also like to say a big WELL DONE! to you for commenting on the tragedies that have overshadowed all of us Victorians.

If in some wonderful world would it be in my power to do so – I would love to take this blog and all the people involved put them in jar – shake it up and out would pour the most creative, changing and freshest magazine of all time!

Anonymous said...

^seconding that motion!!
want to chill in this studio so bad!!
yeah selby should shoot this!!

FOXYMAN said...

natalie: xxxxxxxx xxxxx x x x x x xx x xxxxx x

rack: it actually is the best place for dress ups!

luxirare: thanks dude, yep luce got it, it's houndstooth

cheers: alyssa, luce, fux,

alexandrovka: wow THANK YOU SO much for your beautiful comment, I am so extremely flattered, thanks :) :) :) made my day!!!

seaofshoes: thank you for seconding, that's awesome coming from you... your blog is fantastic. I agree with the selby shooting it.. to bad we're all the way in australia!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

What an amazing looking studio. I want to know what that crazy thing hanging from the wall is! I also love your bejeweled bustier piece. Very inspiring photos!


elephantshoes said...

that is love on a rack, i especially love the nude fringe bodysuit? top? hmm, whatever it is - where can we purchase anything from that rack!!

i love that bustier as well!

Fashion Is Poison said...


trigg and trig. said...

luckkky i could spend days playing in this space.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait to have my own space with mannequins and eclectic clothing racks to fill with my own sewn and sketched creations and foreign vintage finds..ahhh-lets skip forward about seven years haha