sympathy for the devil


Surely any die hard terminator 2 (aka: best movie EVER made) fan will have a soft spot for this song... What can be better than Arnie at a gunners gig? 
post script: i understand that it's probably really "uncool" to admit to liking Guns N' Roses but what can you do.

This video is a tease because the whole time you think Arnie's gonna get up on stage but he doesn't.


looks like monkey fur?


Philippa Snow said...

This post comes in the nick of time, because I won a Guns N Roses t-shirt on ebay the other day and found myself thinking "What have I done?"

Alice said...

Your comment: Are you kidding?! That makes us basically the same person!

That's sooo weird... But cool at the same time. And weird.

luxirare said...

do you like the song, civil war?

luxirare said...

yes! listening to it now!

PUG and PIPS said...

Terminator is and will always be the best!!

...I just wish my view of anything Arnie related wasn't tainted by the fact that is a republican/conservative and fully supports the war in Iraq. Damn it!

luxirare said...

why aren't your images working?
I'm suffering from update withdrawal, where is the foxy man?

FOXYMAN said...

Laura: all i want to know of arnie is that one day he played terminator!! too bad about him being an iraq war supporting conservative :(

ji: i got fkd by photobucket so as soon as i replace all the photos, i will post. makes me happy you're suffering from update withdrawal though haha

Lauren said...

There ain't no shame in a bit of the Guns! hahaha. I have a super crush on young Slash. CRINGE. But Terminator, good good films.

x x x