said do you feel it when you touch me
most beautiful stooges song. second youtube is the recording from the funhouse album

...gots a feeling that most people (bar select few) don't really give a shit about all the youtube videos. I really doubt that many people actually watch any of them ...I sincerely hope that if you like the outfit posts and general aesthetic of this blog, you do appreciate the music references too


Captain Special K said...

I enjoy the music posts more than the outfit ones, (that's not to say i don't enjoy the outfits).

FOXYMAN said...

cheers captain special K!! that's awesome to hear

aaronpurdie said...

Agreed! I have been visiting your blog almost daily purely for the posted music references. there is more substance to fashion then just the convention of fashion- in a non-general, non-wanky way. keep doing what you're doing foxyman.

Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

Okay, going on record as the "old bat" around here: Yes, I love the music posts! But I also think your fashion posts are great. I think you are incredibly talented and creative and wish you the best of luck in your pursuits. So there you have it. And BTW, great choice -- the old bat is warmed by the thought of youngun's enjoying the Stooges!

robyn said...

I really think music and fashion go hand in hand. While I can be rather trendy at times, music has always been and always will be the main influence in my clothing choices.

My rant can go into several directions at this point, but I'm pretty sure you know how I feel at this point.

That being said, I love when you post music videos and pictures of old posters, and old show pictures. I also love your outfit posts. You're a girl after my own heart =)

robyn said...

oohh.. i just realized i deleted my rant.. but again, i really think you know how i feel about the never ending battle between trend and subculture.

FOXYMAN said...

robyn, completely agree with you!

and i am so glad to know that some people do watch/listen to the youtubes!


Carmen said...

Yes, I often wonder the same at my blog...but music is the most important thing, if they don't listen to it, then their fucking loss!