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Not long ago, Mish from Hearty Magazine sent over a few questions for me to answer. Best interview ever because there was a whole question dedicated to Danzig! 

Read it HERE 

Thanks for the kind words Mish! x



Teresa said...

That's awesome! I LOVE Danzig!


Jyun said...

aah, those crazy 3D pop-up studs, I need them, I want them.

Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

Great interview! Loved how you found a "loophole" LOL!

Ganymede Girl said...

Great interview, I'm so with you on David Bowie's amazing wardrobe in his Ziggy Stardust era, I'd love to get my hands on all of it too!

Queen Michelle said...

Danzig over Misfits?? Controversial!

Porcelain Blonde said...

Loved reading this :)
They were great questions, I liked finding out more about you.

Totally feeling you on Mr Bowie!

<3 xxx

Anna said...

RE: Danzig vs. Misfits.........You chose well!

Mish Way said...

Thanks for the re-post Nadia. Rad to connect with you. Stay in touch.