We were all about taking photos on Monday, missing only the very last bit of the day. Warning: there are way too many images in this post, I'm not even really into it... but clearly I'm real bad at editing.

Headed down to the studio at the start of the day and painted a wall. It was a bit of a struggle, but we pulled through in the end:



Outfit shots! Cami is wearing a black bonds wife beater (not hers exactly, but acquired so good as hers) black leggings, black amazing acne jacket (bitch) and the most incredible boots ever that I'm trying to swap her my whole wardrobe for but it's not working haha (bitch x 11242421143, just kidding) and all sorts of jewelry


My outfit! Nothing special, sorry. I often mention on this blog that my outfits are never very good in my day to day life, and when I go out I just look like an 80s hooker (sorry mum for writing this kind of stuff, but you know it's true) It's probably not what people look for in a 'fashion' blog, which is why I hardly have outfit posts.  I've toyed with the idea of doing more consistent 'hypothetical' outfit posts, just like the ones I've done in the past, but admittedly they do make me feel like a bit of a real big knob. I do really enjoy making up outfits that I'd never have the balls to wear, so maybe I will give it a bit more thought.

Anyway, I am wearing Misfits die die my darling old shirt, black tights, black denim shorts (you can't see them but they're there) and docs.

I do this really neat trick with my hair where I can put it up  in a bun right on top of my forehead and it looks like a hair turban. Hard to explain, but it looks hell Prada. Here I am getting ready for it... one day I will share it

Next we decided to do some work. We managed to write about a quarter of our 'comprehensive to-do list' which I can't share because it's top secret!

Not much time passed until we realized that Vlad was coming over for a visit, so we went to meet him at the tram stop. It was his birthday the day before, and as he was walking towards us I ran away to buy him a little somethin from the nearest Asian grocery store. I realized when I got there, I had limited monetary resources in my pocket (nah, more like limited monetary resources period!) so I could only get him a pack of pocky, a push pop, and some grape goo. Sorry Vlad, but remember... it's the thought that counts, and obviously there was a lot of thought put into your present! See below for images of Vlad enjoying his grape goo. He doesn't want to admit it, but I could tell he was really into it, because I saw him bust it out a few times during the rest of the evening. 


I forgot to mention that Vlad is also from Russia, and since there aren't many of us here in Australia, me and him bonded over our Russian-ness. He shared some left overs with us from his family birthday dinner the day before. I felt totally in my food comfort zone... apart from the Chicken loaf, I don't know what that was all about... had it been meat jelly I would have completely understood though.

Walking to the tram stop on our way to the VCA exhibition. Me and my Russian friend played paparazzos.

Almost there...
Here I am jumping infront of the NGV. It's not uncommon for me to get nervous in front of cameras. Since I don't know my good 
angles, I do a lot of jumping instead! That way you come out really blurry, but with effect 


Cami had to hold my hand, just incase I fell in!

Stacey met us there. I hate it that my bf dresses better than me!!!! hate you!!!! no i don't! love u

Hugo in a naughty matching tee shirt and shirt ensemble. Hugo is our studio landlord. I love calling him that... Hi Hugo!

Kitty - looks so adorable. That dress is a prototype from uni with pen markings on it - awesome. She just started a blog... check it out HERE.
You will notice her current post about her style musings... Gold Coast granny. I think she pulled it off great here!




Some of the Art at the Exhibition. We didn't really document it, got distracted by the free alcohol.





On a tram to Chinatown to meet everyone for a late dinner  before going out. Had dinner, I never made it out though... too long of a day, and I was done (weak) Here is Stacey looking like a ghost


Kitty said...

Amazing photos Nads. I'm in love with the blurry sword swallower! xx

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...


I feel you on the outfit thing, and I don't even manage to come up with creative outfits when I do try so I don't know why I bother.

Your friends have such great style.

Cami said...

Fun night that was.
Some epic pics in there miss foxy.
ps. get your face out there more please - it so pretty!

Melina said...

your bf has an amazing sense of style.

Obscura said...

1) Your best friend is amazing

2) Your outfits are fuckin great. I'm gonna be honest with you, I feel the same about "hypothetical" posts...
I like you style, lady!

3) Salad Olivie!!! Best potato salad ever...russian food is awesome.

4) You're adorable!!


FOXYMAN said...

hey love ^^^^ are you referring to 'bf' - boyfriend! not bestfriend!! thanks so much for the sweet comments


Grace said...

you're great. awesome post, very aesthetically meaty :)

tobaccoandleather said...

i think that is the clearest i have ever seen your face and you are gorgeous!! you should leave it in there more often!

also, nothing wrong with that outfit, still look cool as always

And, in the nicest way possible, your boyfriend is hot. Hot!!

hope everything with your design work is going well and i've not revealed myself to be a bit weird with this comment..


Grace said...

p.s ditto on the outfit posting. it makes me feel like a total douche too, but I'm way too uncreative to think up another concept.

Teresa said...

Lovin' your Misfits tee! Yeah, I've seen Danzig three times, and he is sooo good. He even had Doyle as a special guest once. Good times...

Jyun said...

Pocky! The cabbage cake looks so good. Home cooked meals are the best! Some of these art pieces are really intriguing and easier to understand than those snorty silly pieces we have in our crummy dated art museum here.. Envy.

robyn said...

you and your posse have amazing style, i love it when you share pictures! also, who makes stacey's sunglasses? i need those!

also, not to be a complete dork, but i'm really excited by the pocky cameo!

Queen Michelle said...

I had no idea you were Russian!

Isabel said...

I think you have amazing style, straight up. Even if you posted about wearing a Misfits shirt and Docs every day, I'd still find it really interesting.

Maya said...

i wanna see that aubrey beardsley exhibit at the gallery reeeeal bad..

and your outfits are radical!

The Stylemaster said...

i really enjoyed this post, more of this please!
you are hot, the end

Lauren said...

wow, amazing photos! you and your friends have incredible style.

Porcelain Blonde said...

Love this post!

You made me smile so many times - "80's hooker", ha! and "gold coast granny"...who actually looks pretty hot for a granny ;)

I love how you show such different style looks and your friends are gorgeous.

I know what you mean about outfit posts. It can be hard to know what to put up, especially if you go through "uniform" phases like I do sometimes.
I only ever put up stuff I actually wear out though - I don't really like the creative outfits some blogs seem to focus on, 'cos to me it's fake.
I dig seeing real people, wearing what they REALLY wear!

Whenever I've seen your pics you look amazing so keep them coming please ;)

<3 xxx

thatsorad said...

DUDE! those pics are so rad! You make jankie editing look like a Picasso. looks so cool.

I personaly dig your outfit the most..the Misfits always pretend to play in Ventura but it is hit and miss that the show happens... I don't blame them.

the string room.... dude. I could spend some time in there. :) that art is off the hook RAD RAD RAD !!! thanks for the share!

thatsorad said...

PS. I am a shy person in person but honistly I dont feel like a dush posting pis of myself... no one would model clothes for me so I had to do it myself... I have no idea if that makes me "selfish" or "dushy",(which deep down i prob. am) but it became a super fun outlet for me -CS

FOXYMAN said...


I think I probably didn't express what I was trying to say clearly enough! By no means do I think people who post outfit shots are douche bags... A huge reason I look at people's blogs is because of their personal outfit posts! I meant, I don't usually post photos of MY actual outfits because I don't consider them to be anything special! I do however LOVE making up outfits and occasionally posting them... but honestly I do feel kind of lame doing it sometimes because they're not actual outfits I've worn out of the house, so I just think that people won't see the point in them! BUT having said that, I still really enjoy it and it's probably something that I will continue doing, hopefully even more regularly!

I'm just in two minds about it all!

Thanks heaps for the useful comment. awesome stuff

FOXYMAN said...

alicia - i like the outfits you post! you have a distinct style, it's great :)

tobaccoandleather - hahaha thanks for the sweet words, don't woryr I don't think you're a weirdo at all

grace - same with you woman, keep doing outfit posts! love yours. xx


nunya said...

Simple comment:

Love it all.

nunya said...

Simple comment:

Love it all.

the style crusader said...

i have just found your blog and i think it is pretty great. i love your outfit by the way - your normal clothes aren't boring at all - and its pretty boring when everybody looks the same in fashion blogs - was happy to come across yours where it is different. oh, and i really like the photo of you walking by the water.

chloe said...

yeeeeeeha, thanks for your comments - the boobs must be clean philosophy gets me every time, haha!
im very excited to see your new projects, im a huge fan! x

Ian said...

Wonderful post.
Who are the boots that the girl with the black hooded rain jacket is wearing by?

FOXYMAN said...

hey ian! the boots she got from a vintage store, not sure who made them... all i know is they are some of the best boots i've seen/worn haha

trashforcereaper said...

I'm pretty sure even those bloggers who post their outfits all the time look boring on their days off sometimes. Part and parcel of having a life outside blogging, I reckon.

This post made me happy. I think because it just looks really fun.

Youngest Indie said...

Danzig and Suicidal Tendencies are playing a crazy show together in California. Totally thought of you and your blog. =)

FOXYMAN said...

trashforce: a lot 'fashun' bloggers look boring in every single outfit blog post that they do, not just on their days off... but it's the kind of shit people look for in a fashun blog... haha i like that this post made you happy

youngest indie: oh man, i wish i was in california then... i know danzig plays random gigs in the u.s here and there... i just need him to come to australia and play here!

Sister Wolf said...

Your boyfriend is a fucking trophy! Wow.


haha! cheers Sister Wolf :)

Izumihiiiflower said...

stylish peoples
haaaaan i want a long quilt!!! let's go to paris XD
(i know, you don't care lol)