Hey stoopid 

Sorry - no outfit post again... even I'm hanging out for one. Summer came too early, and I'm not capable of dressing myself right now

These were taken some time ago at Anna's (shoemaker I collaborated with for my collection) studio. She has an enviable collection of shoe lasts. What I wouldn't do to have them all + all of her equipment + machines, there are like 5 or 6 different ones + her skill





harbourmaster said...

Whoa, those look amazing. I like that they're all randomly scattered not boxed up in pairs.

Ganymede Girl said...

Impressive. Shoe making is really intriguing to me because I have no clue how they do it, seems really difficult! Do you think you will ever make your own shoes too?

Lucinda said...

There's something about arrangement of these shoe lasts that makes me think of a rotting haul of fish - weird!

Liz said...

Making shoes is a real bitch but also really fun, especially if your into glue sniffing.