What's in my bag post

Meaning to do one of these posts for a while. I actually have a lot more pointless shit in my bag than this like wrappers and movie tickets, scraps of leather, sticky tape, 100 pens, scissors... sometimes a scrunched up piece of fabric even... but these are the basics: 


1. ipod: this hardly makes it into my bag because it's usually in my hand or pocket
2. AM sunnies: make me feel like the terminator
3. black leather fingerless gloves
4. house key
5. most disgusting purse ever. kangaroo fur that's going bald 
6. old nokia phone, no iphone here guys
7. Bach's rescue remedy spray. BEST.SHIT.EVER for those stress/anxiety moments
8. some kind of crystal - should probably know what it is
9. metcard (ticket for train/bus/tram)
10. moleskin and pen
11. dettol hand sanitizer so I can disinfect my hands on the go, haha
12. painkillers - because i seem to have a 24/7 headache
13. bottle of water, wash down the painkillers
14. YSL mirror. really I don't actually carry this in my bag at all but I probably should... and it makes everything
else look better right!!!!!!!!????? who doesn't want a gold ysl fuck off bling mirror hanging around in their bag


~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

sparklicous said...

i used to use bachs remedy too, but the bottle broke in my bag a few times. i tried using the origins peace of mind on the spot relief and it's amazing too, you should try it next when your out of bachs. i thought i was the only person who carries this stuff around! :)

imnotunfaithful said...

oh i like this. will do something similar in my own blog.
love the black fingerless leather gloves.
i too strut around with my handy moleskin :)

FOXYMAN said...

Pakaramu: thanks

sparklicous: awesome, just got a new bottle of Bach's but I'll definately have to give this other one a try (that's if it's available in Aus) Yeh, I love finding out when other people carry stuff like this around...! The funniest is when I pull it out in public and get weird looks because it probably looks like I'm freshening my breath of something! HA ha!

imnotunfaithful: these posts are so much fun! definitely do one, I love seeing what people carry around in their bags

Heavy Metal Fashion said...


That was fun. I totally want to do one too...

mine is mostly lipsticks in every colour, i'm not gonna lie...


May Kasahara said...

love the random crystal.

30 Doradus said...

ohh rescue rememedy was always a must-have before exams

FOXYMAN said...

heavy metal: YES!! i definitely wanna see yours!!

may: yeah, that crystal comes everywhere with me... and when i get real nervous i hold it

30 doradus: must-have for every day!!!!!!!

Gnarlitude Jen said...

fuck yeah of course you had rad shit in there
ever spy in there and see the zoo york roach and think it's a real one ?
and yeah of course that ysl mirror rules... it sucks how stuff like that makes you not wanna carry it and possibly ruin it, hah

Anonymous said...

uhm i need those sunnies now. where can i buy them????

FOXYMAN said...

jen: haha now that you've put the idea in my head i probably will. and yeah, knowing me that mirror will probably break.

luxirare: check out www.ameyewear.com it's an australian label! they are in the bottom row in the middle called 'samantha' seriously GOOD sun protection too, the sun here is strong and they're the best sunnies for it ever

Anonymous said...

hahhaha I like the pair named "SAMANTHA" on their

so predictable, of course the ones you own are the ones I like too, theyre the best from the whole collection although all of their gear is effin rad.

. said...

Great blog, will defiantly be back for more updates


Mands said...

I have a little crystal just like that in my makeup bag a friend gave it to me when I broke up with an ex-boyfriend she said it was to heal a broken heart. Love the Samantha's. <3


haha detol disinfectant, a modern necessity

. said...

Great pictures, what a great post :)
This blog is pretty cool also,
Please check out mine!


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

I was never so obsessed with cleaning my hands until I got that goddamn Detol stuff. What seemed like a novelty has turned into full blown OCD... now I can't do ANYTHING without it - especially put food near my mouth with my hands. And if for some reason I don't have my Detol with me I lose my fucking shit. Sometimes I go out of my way just to buy another one!

TMI? Hah.

I always love these posts, now I totally want to do one.


Young Hunting said...

I love that you carry a crystal around. From this photo it appears to be red jasper. I carry a cluster of pyrite, which I plan to turn into a piece of jewellery soon.


genaxx/ said...

best idea ever
always see this in magazines
my bag is like a kitchen sink
complete with cat mask!?

come on by sometime

rickyjames said...

rescue remedy hahah I used that years ago..