play it safe

i got a tumblr account - i doubt you will find it very interesting but click 
HERE to visit

image via my keyword search results


robyn said...

weird question.. but what the hell is tumblr?

anywho, looks fun!

NADIA said...

hey robyn,

i think it's like a mini blog thing where you posts whatever you want on it. just feels more personal to me because i think mines become pretty much a 'fashion' blog and there's expectation for fashion content... and i know it kind of seems like a waste of space here when i post youtube videos of songs and stuff


Shay said...

heehee, that's exactly the same approach I took with my Tumblr. I was like, screw this blog and people's expectations, this tumblr is all mine. Like it if you want to I don't care. :)

la mort de l'été said...

Your blog is really one of my favourites, and your tumblr seems damn interesting, so I'll follow that, too

LuxiRare said...

im really confused by this keyword search! Whoever typed that must be crazy.

robyn said...

ahh i see. thanks!
i tend to have a "fuck it" attitude towards my blog anyhow haha. my friends actually tell me how awful my blog's formatting is, but i couldn't care less =X

Heavy Metal Fashion said...


More foxyman-ness to be had.


You are mysterious and stunning devushka.



Summer said...

Hhmm..Love to know more of this. Please post more.=D

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The Brown Mestizo

Boubou said...

i always visit your blog, but first time im commenting, love your art work, photo and style crazy as hell,
if you wanna see my collages inspirations, check out mine,
a bientot;
Boubou xx