pop crime

don't expect many to care for this post, but I kind of stalk this song on youtube and I finally found a version of it (although I do wish it was the Beasts of Bourbon version, it's a lot darker and harder) never the less Spencer P. Jones did write it - originally a Johnny's song in the 80s. Here is the clip that I never even knew existed with Rowland S. Howard (The BIrthday Party) Conway Savage (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and Brian Henry Hooper ( Beasts, The Surrealists)


LuxiRare said...

yes i LOVE this song!!!

Captain Special K said...

Oh my!!! So excited to stumble upon this when having a flick through your blog!!! Spencer is the best. I generally like his versions of Beasts songs better, but that's probably mainly cause Tex annoys me. And Brian Henry Hooper!!! Have you heard his solo stuff out on Bang records? Some really great shit, more balladish stuff though. I have a bit of a crush on him.

So glad to find out about your blog through Kingdom of Style. I dare say your readership will infinitely expand, and rightfully so!