if sizing and lack of money were not an issue...

...I would get these on ebay

(left to right) 
- Danzig tee shirt
- Chloe boots, still not really over them
- Studded highwaist leather shorts
- Tacky 90s leopard platform boots
- Studded leather "teddy"
- PVC mini dress
- Junya Watanabe skirt 
- Amazing leather gloves
- Misfits vision sneakers
- 'Madame Fantasy' leopard spandex suspender shorts + tights
- Red cut-out platforms
- Black 90s platform ankle boots
- Margiela peak shoulder jacket
- Margiela peak shoulder trench (I am happy to take anything Margiela and peak at this stage)

...don't need any money for this though: (just as good as all of the above)


sharon said...

i'm with you on the chloe boots..
i will never ever ever get over the black ankle ones. ever.

LuxiRare said...

AH those shoulders from Margiela on ebay!!! I hope you choose the long one !! I know you will kill it through the styling...

I keep telling you we have the same taste its very very weird. Like that time I asked you about CIVIL WAR by guns and roses and how you said it was your favorite song...!!! Can't wait for your next outfit post. Perhaps you will design something along the lines of marky's patchwork leather pants?

Fashion Hayley said...

Australian Ebay has Chloe boots? I too am not over them yet. I don't think I will ever be.

LILY & BAMBI said...

Oh man one day I will own a pair of those Chloe boots...one day!
+ those studded shorts are killer

Luce said...

Yeah. Those Chloe docs haunt my dreams. Actually, haunt my nightmares, since I'm pretty sure the stars will never align enough for us to be in sweet sweet harmony.

shebeen said...

I love the shorts!

elephantshoes said...

i remember seeing those shorts like a year ago.. was feeling quite poor then :(

Queen Michelle said...

First time visiting your blog!
LOVE LOVE Danzig and Misfits.
If you haven't already check out Samhain, his other band, which was only a brief affair but worth checking out anyway x

tobaccoandleather said...

you need to get whatever it is on the bottom in the centre with the Margiela shoulders! IT looks amazing!


Luce said...

hahaha OK, POSITIVITY. they WILL be MINE.

Luce said...

ok (HUGE DORK for multiple commenting) just realised that I own boots very similar to those super tacky leopard ones above (cept in black). They are AMAZING to wear to concerts given their super platform awesomeness.

Luce said...

But then again, what ISN'T made instantly better by being made lace-up? nothing.

robyn said...

DANZIG!!!!! fuck yes! *sigh*

okay, soooo, you need to check this pvc dress out. i bought this about a year ago, but the rubbing got to me and i returned it. i regret it everyday. it's so hot.


robyn said...

shit i just looked at the availability, and it's not available in black. but purple is not bad!

fuxsake said...

that's why me and ebay are on a break.
ebay keeps teasing me with stuff i a) don't fit in or b) can't afford
but we had some great times (i basically purchased every vintage band shirt i own on ebay)

rackkandruin said...

those studded leather shorts!! wtf amazingess

May Kasahara said...

fuckkkkk - I remember taping the 'mother' video off of mtv and watching it over and over.