where we all live, ain't a soul around

have a good excuse for not posting, had a busy weekend moving out. I took some photos to remember my awesome red light district and rumored haunted apartment. For the last week, since my bf's new housemates had moved in, we had to put most our shit into one room (lucky its kind of big) so it felt like i was living in some sort of second hand market.  



My view of one of the hooker corners. This one's wearing all pink

that corner of the room before other stuff was moved in


elephantshoes said...

you have beautiful belongings.

~ Faith said...


FOXYMAN said...

thanks elephantshoes

faith, why are you so surprised? hope that isn't offensive or anything like that? it is just a corner where hookers get picked up from

PUG and PIPS said...

I'm guessing you lived in st Kilda!.....correct? x

Don't Be A Hero said...

epic, I'd live in the haunted red light district too if it were this cool

A.n.E said...

living in a secondhand store does have its charms huh??

Georgie said said...

I would love to live in a secondhand store if it looked like that.

rackkandruin said...

there is a hooker who lives on my street. she dates this old jamaican guy named "bird man" and she has this walk. this walk that is sooo much fun to practice. it's real slow and rigid and seductive at the same time. she has really short hair and looks like a combo of molly ringwald and the main boy from Gummo. amazing. can't wait to see what you've done with your new place.

Queen Of Russia said...

Hookers add a random element to everything!

They remind one how one ought-not to look!

We all need a referance point, and they provide it!

Just kidding...

anyway. I like the look of your place. it looks surprisingly lived in and comfy.

go you!!



Fashion Is Poison said...

it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

dude. this place that you call "hookerville" looks actually very beautiful ! It doesnt look red light at all. In nyc/brooklyn hookervilles are really scary.
Love this post!

Anonymous said...


trigg and trig. said...

aww this makes me want to photograph every tranny hooker that appears on my street after the sun goes down. they wear pink too and lots of clown make up.

chloe said...

aah, i have some of your books!
how awesome is the new york dolls one!?
happy moving! x

lisa @ luxe said...

love this post....is this australia? the pics look like london!
such a fab blog!

from vegas

filthy lust said...

wow. so quaint and lovely, minus hooker corner.

brittany said...

it looks soooo great!
you have such a dope collection of STUFF and even when its disorganized it looks like everythings in its place

jealousssss i want my room to be like that