i don't wanna be no catholic boy


some thoughts:

- i was having a smoke out my lounge room window this morning when a lady walked past, stopped and proceeded to tell me that there were "rumors" that my apartment was haunted... what the fuck? ok, crazy. anyway we had a back and forth conversation for a whole two minutes with me defending and her insisting and questioning me about ever "feeling anything." Now I'm not going to lie and say this didn't affect me somewhat, and I'm kind of glad for this reason if any that I'm moving back with the parents on Saturday.

- feeling really uninspired after doing cute animal print t shirt designs for young girls. i guess it's just work

- can't fucking wait to go back to uni in two weeks after a whole year off... fourth and final year!!! and then I'm moving away from the land of australia

- will miss living with boyfriend. really not in the mood to move and pack, wish it would all just move itself

- how flattering are flares? i'm sorry, for ages i thought they were just fucking ugly until i paid another visit to byron bay (home of the hippy) and something finally clicked in me

- can't wait to get my paycheck and spend it on shoes, not rent

- really want to go to sleep but stupidly i always leave my work to the last second and end up staying up until ridicules hours of the morning. this post can count as my work break

- i really can't get over how much i love the lords of the new church (anti christian post punk at it's finest) maybe i can do another post about stiv bators and lords and get another 'fuck ya' from one of my AWESOME readers... seriously, who does that? WHAT THE FUCK. maybe I'm over reacting but... FUCK!!! shit like that just makes me wanna stop blogging RIGHT NOW!!! ... juusssssst kidding

that is all for now, pictures were taken for an old blog (mentioned couple posts below) but we never used them


Shen-Shen said...

I love that picture, it looks so cheeky (hah).

And woah, haunted? That would creep me out completely, good think you're moving back in with your parents!

Anonymous said...

love what you wrote. thinking the same thing with flares and sucks about the moving part it is such a hassle. it will be nice to be able to spend your money though now that you won't have to pay for living expenses. there are ghosts everywhere but that issue can be solved with some sage burning.
also living with your boyfriend i think is half good an half bad. its really really good to have space.

Anonymous said...

oi!, you're fucken awesome.
stiv bators is god,i'd say he was at his best with the dead boys.

Kalin said...

Your blog is fucking rad. Love the photo. Totally agree, packing sucks.


Some Notes on Napkins said...

Fantastic Blog :)

trigg and trig. said...

heeeey are those my dead jeans on the right.

hilarious post.

where are you moving to? whyyy would you ever want to leave melbourne

cat said...

hiiiiiiii! yeah i love your couch! its really comfy looking lol, so you are moving? and you want to leave australia? you should visit the u.s.!


THE BAT said...

this is an awesome photo!

Luce said...

I can't wait to get back to uni too- routine! stimulation! deadlines!

TheMinx said...

I completely endorse spending money on shoes and not rent, haha. Can I mention how much I'm digging your blog?

FOXYMAN said...

shen shen: yeah it creeped me out! but then i realised i've been living here for a year and never felt any negative energy so it's all good!

ji: fuck yeah to flares and buying stuff for me now that i don't have to pay rent! i def need space from bf during uni, i get too distracted otherwise haha. i'm scared if i burn sage, the good ghosts will get shitty at me? is that weird? haha

lxembourg: i love stiv in lords, but as it so happens to be the title of this post is a dead boys song!

trigg: yep those are the dead jeans like yours! you should see them on the front it's pretty much all thread haha.

cat: haha, it looks way better than how comfortable it is!

trigg & cat: there's really not that much going on in Melbourne! at all really in terms of things i find interesting, and the part of the industry i want to work in... I want to move to New York ideally but it's so hard to stay there, so maybe London? Don't know depends where and how long i can get a job somewhere! still dreaming.

cheers: kalin, some notes on napkins, THE BAT!!!

FOXYMAN said...

The Minx: I do too! haha actually i will probably just end up spending my money on fabric, printing and other uni and sewing supplies!!

Luce: totally agree.. I didn't realise how much I'd miss it!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Brilliant blog!
I hate moving, it's such a pain.
The packing, sorting, heavy lifting, throwing away.
And yes, how I wouold love to spend my cash on shoes instead of rent!
You should consider Paris, I'm sure you'd love it.

Anonymous said...

yikes, wish i could swap locales and come to australia for a bit.

how exciting, a big move. the impending change and new life you're sure to find. good luck!

cool blog
nice photos again and againn