Where the fuck have all the cool blogs gone?

Stopped the ol' Foxyman for a while, but in another one of my spontaneous 3am decisions, I realized that 1. it can't be too hard making content for a blog that no one reads anymore (eta: the more you pay attention to my shit, the more you realize that 90% of everything i do happens between 1-4am). 2. I kinda actually want to do this again, and 3. As far as I can remember, and this even dates back to Geocities in the late 90's (WOW, I'm gettin old!) I've had some weird compulsive need to share a censored version of selected parts of my life with the World Wide Web - and not in a Facebook kind of way, but more in a semi-anonymous / creative / with burning desire and desperation to connect to a tribe in a parallel universe kind of way. 

On another note, I've decided Instagram (@nadzig) is too spread out and isn't enough for me anymore (still love it though) so I'm going on a mission to find good blogs - the ones that seem like they're actually written by a real person? Kinda nostalgic to think that there was once a time when quality blogs didn't have to look like second grade magazine advertorials to get attention and a following. Can someone please explain what the fuck has happened? I was under the impression that blogs were the backlash to magazines, you know... providing the alternative non-sold-out opinion on things? Why is everything so damn mainstream now? Obviously there are still exceptions, but I'm greedy and want MORE! Not gonna loose hope.

sketches from my sketch books. top picture from tumblr


cami said...

DON'T LOSE HOPE - Just think of it this way, time doesn't really exist, all the good blogs are still there and everyone is having a party ಠ‿ಠ
And that drawing is incredible!

cami xxx

runawayfromhome said...

So glad you're back!!!
Feeling exactly the same, ha. Brought my blog back up again a few weeks ago.
This whole commercialization process is just so fucking annoying and was the trigger for me to stop blogging but yeah, I think that was the wrong conclusion. At least someone needs to hold the fort haha.
My favourite blogs at the moment are http://raphaelaanouk.blogspot.de/ & http://jesssimariano.blogspot.de/
Let me know if you know some good!

Taylor said...

i can totally relate to the lack of good blogs out there! im struggling to find authentic people with unique voices and senses of style and it's driving me fucking crazy!

but i'm glad to see you're blogging again :)