I was sitting here uploading my drawing to the blog, contemplating whether I should write a whole lotta nothing (like I'd usually do) or literally nothing at all to accompany it, and then my friend James busts this out while we're chatting... (GOLD!)

fuck lyf
love it - hate it
dye it
supply it
fry it
or bake it
just as long
as you do NOT
fake it


R▲CHEL said...

beautiful poem to accompany a stunning piece of art. PERFECT

bravegrrl said...

awesome drawing. awesome poem.

Anonymous said...

definitely, no faking. I agree. The drawing is siiiick!

cami said...

lovely pic doll! x haha james, say no more! perfect.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!
So is that quote!!
$MA$H IT!!!!

Annushka said...

Your post is gorgeous, fantastic blog! Greetings from Russia.

Miriam said...

great drawing <33

Unknown said...

love your blog !


MILEX said...

I may love you.

Ellen Grace said...

You are so talented, I adore this