HAPPY 2012!!!


Happy New Year everyone!!! Haven't been able to get on the computer these last few days, so if NYE and the first few days of the year are any indication, it's gonna be one amazing year!!! Hope yours is filled with an exuberant amount of LOVE & MAGIC (my two favorite things in the world!) and that all of your dreams come true no matter how big or small. xxx.

NYE outfit photo by Adele PSYCH <- click to see what she wore!!!

Wearing another variation of what is clearly my 'uniform or something... Black silk embroided duster and strawberry sequin hot pants by DI$COUNT, green lace cut out top by 80s Frederick's of Hollywood. Huge amazing pendant from Bali. Black belt from Savers.


^^^^Always puts a smile on my face! As does this song and the footage that goes with it...


Becky said...

Give me your hair fooook I want it

Anonymous said...

your back!!!! :-)
wow love those inspirational words, gonna have to save this pic and look back at it to remind myself of the important stuff.
hope you have an amazing 2012.

Bespoke Biddie said...

That picture is epic! thanks a heap for sharing, stay marvelous in 2012



WOO!! YOU ARE SO HAWWWTTT!!! and I LOVE that poster and what its says. Its so positive and inspiring I wish everyone could read it and the song just adds to its vibe :) xxxxx

Ria Michelle said...

I ADORE the gree on your top. Such a cute outfit. Happy New Year lovely girl.

ZANA BAYNE said...

Your blog makes the internet a better place. xoxoxo z

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Mila said...

Your hair is amazing <3

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Anonymous said...

YOUR FUCKING HAIR NADIA! IT'S AWESOME! FUCK. sorry, bit of an outburst there. x

Sister Wolf said...

You are too gorgeous. It's almost unbearable.