I HATE THE HOT!!! and my sweet Cavalli pants


Not generally a fan of summer outfits... give me all the good shit (good shit being leather, fur, velvet, boots, heaps of layers etc.) anyday, haha! I got these pants a few months ago, and somehow they made the whole summer dressing thing a lot easier and way more enjoyable. These were taken in Rome in July, and while the outfit doesn't really feel very 'me' - dressing yourself out of the same suitcase for a month straight, you tend to loose your creativity a little - I couldn't imagine anything better for walking around under the hot Italian sun all day. Sidenote: my parents are soldiers!! We were out for like 12 hours straight, (10am to 10pm vibe) most days. Thanks lovely mother for the photos. XOXO.

Silk pants - Roberto Cavalli, Silk chiffon singlet - Sportscraft or somewhere of the mumsy like, Sunnies - Chanel, Best tote bag in the world - DI$COUNT


Luxi said...

I am so glad you have this blog back,! I think it's good to dress outside of your womb sometimes, yesterday I wore a lime green shin length dress that is so not me, but tru style works out of the 'uniform' righ gurrrl,.aha.! can't wait for di$count totes to hit the store!


Isabel said...

Those pants are UNREAL! You always look so good, Nadia. :)

CVNT said...

Ohhhh my Buddha! What gorgeous pants. They are so flattering and they look outrageous on you Gf!!!!!
I bet Rome was to die for!
I really wanted to go to Bangkok but we booked entirely for Phuket, it was lucky for us at the time as the floods were in full swing, but I am still dyyyying for the Chatuchak markets!!! Thailand is just insane. It's bittersweet, so beautiful yet so unsettling. Regardless, can't wait to get back!!!

swallow glitter said...

ugh those pants are so amazing! great look! x

Leeloo's said...

cool summer look!

Anonymous said...


love this & this blog! x

cocorosa said...

Perfect pants and I really dig the tassels!! So happy you post again!! <3

Lucinda said...

So good that this blog is back! I'm not usually one for prints but those pants are pretty amazing - I think it's the almost fluorescent look of the green.

Mrs_T said...

Absolutely beautiful pants! I would kill for a pair :-)