LA LA... LA LA... LA LA LA LA!!!

I'm back, though considering I haven't touched this blog in about 2 years, I doubt you all are!!! SO FUCKING EXCITED to have my own little shitty space on the internet again where I can do some no pressure, no business blogging! Really missed having an outlet where I could get ideas out without being self conscious and feeling like they would affect my (shared) business for whatever reason that could have been. Hard to explain, but I guess it's hard to post personal, pointless shit on the blog that represents the label you have put everything into for the last 2 years... and as much as I've tried, it's just not coming out spontaneously enough to make me content (well, really, it's not coming out at all) - so I decided I need an extra outlet. WOOOOHHOOOOO!!!! Here I am again... and blogging for the best reason to blog... none at all!!!

Of course, I couldn't help but feature some DI$COUNT in my first post, haha.




kittenmasks said...

We're still here! Welcome back!


OH MY GOD!!!! That just made me soooo happy, you have no idea... eeeeee!! Thank you!!! x

swallow glitter said...

woooooo! so excited to see a post on here! hot jacket! xxx

tobaccoandleather said...

Yeahhh I'm still here too. That jacket is ridiculously amazing. Good to have you back! xx


Haha back so soon!!! did you just like get straight off the plane and on blogland?? haha LOVE IT!!! woooooooooooooooooooooo so fucking pumped to see you tomorrow!! (call you after work) prob should shut up on blog haha. woo!! exciting!!!! yayayyayay jacket awesome too!!! love u xx

TASHA said...

i know u said soon but i had no idea it was going to be this soon?!??! wahhhhhhh!!!!!

Isabel said...


Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

YAY! Good to see you back!

Michelle's Style File said...

Welcome back : )


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