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In reference to a couple of comments from the post below, would just like to confirm that the name for my blog was completely inspired by an episode of The Mighty Boosh - The Crack Fox! When I started foxyman I was (clearly!) obsessed with this particular Boosh episode and watched it countless times. I find the crack fox character to be ridiculously cute and endearing... but obviously a bit of a fruity too. I know I've posted a clip of him before ages ago but if you haven't seen the real foxy man yet, please take a look at the youtube of him below! SO FUNNY! 

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Ganymede Girl said...

I'm Boosh obsessed too! I just watched their "future sailers" live show a couple of days ago after waiting ages for it to be released. If only I lived in England, then I could have actually seen them live in person!

katrina said...

hah, great great great video!:D

K8 said...

wow, that little fox dude was kinda creepy, funny yes, but also creepy.

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Isabel said...

It was a Nazi! It was a Nazi man! Oh, danger.

Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

Oh so good! Thanks for the reminder, I've only seen bits and pieces and never the whole series so I hit netflix and they will be on the way!

thatsorad said...

Fox porn....that was so rad! so funny!!!

joy said...

I love Mighty Boosh. I am sad that they won't be doing the show anymore.


sophia said...

Love love love the Boosh now all they need to do is come to the US so I can see them live.

kanishk said...

funny yes, but also creepy.

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Robyn said...

oh goodness The crack fox. He haunts my nightmares and is probably about 50 times scarier than Old Greg.

(The Hitcher is my favorite scary person from the Boosh! haha..Eels.)


sex jelly said...

I was first drawn to your blog because of the name that i associate now and forever with "Crack Fox"! Loves it! Love your blog! lotsa Love from NYC!