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Worst thing about spending your last (borrowed) $20 on a fashion magazine that you weren't TOO KEAN ON in the first place, is coming home and finding way better images of the real deal (see below). Second worst thing is realizing you've already seen all the decent content of magazine in question on a billion different blogs a week before it made it's 'Latest Airfreight Express Delievery' ass to our Australian shores. The wonders of the internet!





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featuring: wayne brown, the plasmatics - wendy o williams, richard hell, soo catwoman, the throbs, stiv bators - dead boys, debbie harry 


Cody said...

thankzzzz i'll have a photoshoot in it soon, the photo doesnt quite do it justice. what magazine is this from anyway? I do love the images, i almost feel inclined to repost them

FOXYMAN said...

ohhh noo these aren't from the magazine, i meant these are way better than the ones in the magazine i got! sorry it's really late here and i probably didn't make any sense! these are all from the 70s and 80s of musicians. Says down the very bottom of the post who they are!

FOXYMAN said...

ok fixed it :)

Cody said...

oh, well the photos are glorious

Anonymous said...

these photos are amazing!!!

trigg and trig. said...

so crazy, love them all

ParisAnn said...

wow, you have to have a nice ass and perfect perky boobs to rock that! my hat's off to them!

The Stylemaster said...

i hate the dilemma of 'should i spend $15+ on this magazine?' when you know the blogosphere offers much much more. Still, a glossy magazine in your hands in a great feeling ahah! love all the raunchy images!

Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

Holy shit you've completely blown my mind by posting pics of people I was friends with back in the '70's-'80's! Poor dear Wendy and Stiv RIP.

Chels said...

Whatttttt get the fuck outta here. maybe one of my favorite posts ever. Love Stiv and Richard Hell. Not to mention electrical tape on the nipps from Wendy O

Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

Hey Doll, thanks for visiting my blog too! It *was* an amazing time, but I think what people don't realize is that everyone knew everyone else, its just the way it was. We all hung out in the same places, ate at the same greasy spoons (when we could afford it) and shopped at the same stores. I knew practically every person you posted that was in NY, (some of those are obvs from London) gosh Wayne... I used to see him everyday not too many years ago! I can't remember all the names but there were a few pics of some '80's NY hair bands that I knew too. That pic of the woman on the park bench -- she was Swedish and in some '80's hair band as well.

robyn said...

ah nadia! these are amaaaazzing!!! how i wish i born in a different decade.

Queen said...

Gotta love Wendy O. Great images Foxy.

chloe said...

ha! wendy!
i love when you do these rock'n'roll-ish posts! catch ya later x

Ms Fitz said...

OMG love all this!
Hey, I'm a stylist (Sydney orginally) but now based in NYC- I'd love to shoot your stuff for editorial in DUKE Mag- have you got any stockists?PR over here? www.msfitz.com.au

Ms Fitz

Izumihiiiflower said...

ooooooh cool, i love archive pictures! *_*

who is this girl?

can you answere on my blog please?!
*please face*

Idee Fixe (punk.glam.queen@gmail.com) said...

The girl is Soo Catwoman, a fixture on the early punk scene, and the guynis Wayne (can't remember his name even though i knew him quite well) who was a musician.

Anonymous said...

The girl isn't Soo Catwoman, she is an actress who played her in the great rock n' roll swindle film, Soo was misrepresented in quite an awful way in that movie.