killllllller wolf

HEY GUYS - once again, I'm kind of embarrassed about my lack of posts (though I must admit, my blog is probably not known for its posting consistency anyway, so this is nothing new!) In my defense, I'm not sitting around doing nothing! As much as I want to blog, I seriously don't have ANY time right now that is mine! my graduate show is in 7 weeks and there's A LOT that needs to be done, so sadly it doesn't look like my blogging diligence will be improving any time soon. 

The images below are of some INCREDIBLE pieces by artist (unknown, but I will find out tomorrow and edit this post - I'm blogging from bed and it's FUCKING FREEZING, so there's no way I'm getting out) from an art magazine that I bought a few years ago. I wasn't interested in anything in it but these images. I spent $30 bucks on a few black and white low quality printed images of leather moulded gimp masks - wtf??!!! Also the best one of them all I use to have stuck on my wall in my old house, have no idea where it is now but it clearly got lost during the move. This is why I don't usually tear shit out of publications.








paperbag said...

it sounds weird, but i've always had a deep fear of people wearing leather masks

chloe said...

those buckles over the eyes in the last pic are quite disturbing.. that said, i can understand your fascination with them, kinda how im morbidly fascinated by serial killers and watch endless sick forensic shows!

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

wow this makes me want to grab all of my leftover leather and make something cool.

In other news, I got my wisdom teeth out 3 days ago and I feel like shit. The painkillers are making me feel really slow...and not in a good way.



miss_vogue said...

ahhh those are freaky! but kind of cool.

Anonymous said...

Ah you need to construct a fantastic version of your own to accessorize your brilliant collection (or so I predict it will be).

robyn said...

these are brilliant! i'd love to have a collection of spectacular gimp masks displayed on a long console. knowing me i'd wear them around the house for fun =X

Breeahna said...

Artist? Or guys who is about to mutilate my cat?

FOXYMAN said...



I was just thinking about these!!