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images via frankgrassner.org


sharon said...

hahaha i thought it was you eating the toast with the latex gloves on

these are amazing..

Lara Natascha said...

love your blog
exchange links?
love lara

HEK said...

Wow! Incredible!
Love your blog:)

Braindance said...

What a gimp

Anonymous said...

this is fascinating, i especially love the last two images.

The Stylemaster said...


Anonymous said...

yes yes

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Blue China is so romantic...it kinda reminds me of one of my grandma's in Russia...except this time there's a rubber suit...



FOXYMAN said...

"except this time there's a rubber suit..."

hahahahaa made me laugh!! yeah that dude is so freaky but i loved the paradox between the two

Stephanie Kim said...

dig it dig it!!this is art--abso spectacular

Anonymous said...

this was CRAZY. i was about to ask if that was someone you know whom you shot, then I saw the link at the bottom. GOOD LORD CRAZY!


rickyjames said...

omg these r so scary..
but i love em so gonna print and blu tak em to ma wall..

So Good for Bunnies said...

I love seeing pictures of everyday activities with a little rubber wear thrown in there! Yay for latex!!! :)


ilovecoolthings said...

have some blue and white china myself. now tell me, does the tea taste better when you go through the trouble of putting the gimp outfit on??? because i wont' do it until you tell me that the satisfaction is utmost.