Wrinkled crinkled wadded dollar bill

I'm so happy I found this post card again, had no idea I still had it. Pointless story: Not too keen on Kreator, but the guitarist wears these awesome black buckle boots that I've been after for years... I got a pair on ebay once, but just my luck they were a 'men's' 8 instead of the stated women's 8 - sent them back. Also found a huge pair for $10 at the market once which I got in the hope of getting them re-made in my size and using the beautiful detailed buckles... ended giving them to manfriend and it doesn't look like I'll be getting them back. Will keep dreaming...

Post script: this post is in part dedicated to Queen of Russia (although ideally I would like to challenge you for this title haha joke, lame joke! we love the mother country) from Heavy Metal Fashion because from memory you mentioned you were a fan of Kreator, but then again I could be completely making that up! 

image source via me, via FAT HELENS circa 2003-4 (best shop in Melbourne)


Anonymous said...

Ahh, I have a pair which are almost identical to that, but I never wear them because they make my feet look like little pinprick cat paws on the ends of my legs, for some reason.

Lillian said...

those boots remind me exactly of these shoes I saw on etsy a while back. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21856119
they are a size 9 but they might fit u. I was contemplating them but im a 7

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

jeeeez dude! this pic is perfect...my drummer really loves kreator...

thrash is great!


Heavy Metal Fashion said...

PS. I heart your amazing memory!


anthea antidote said...

tristan blair,
just like that
ranging from 200 to 400 i beleive.
but they are beautiful and womens.

Revolution Malibu said...

This pic is RAD.
Love your blog.
It is a daily staple in my blog reading diet!