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The 90s were an incredible decade for high fashion - the Belgian, the Japanese and the (in my personal opinion) aesthetic peak of GENIUS, Thierry Mugler. Words really can't describe - this is hands down what my fashion dreams are made of. Everything was perfect: the highly sexualized female silhouette, fabrication, innovation, craftsmanship, showmanship, everything right down to the way the models walked - Please youtube 'Thierry Mugler' for more. Undoubtedly also a HUGE inspiration to the likes of Gareth Pugh, Alexander McQueen, Nicolas Ghesquiere etc









tobaccoandleather said...

i loved all that Superhero: Fashion and Fantasy exhibit stuff, i found a book on it while i was doing my last project, the clothes are just mesmorising!


thank you for your comments :)

Quietmilk said...

The 90's were truly the defining years of high fashion and culture.

My favorite era- innovative, so free and liberating, then again quite structured.


Natalie said...

Mugler is so amazing, i love how he empowers women!


Bijou and Ruby said...

Watched the ancient German movie Metropolis today and there is a scene with this robot lady and I knew instantly that she must've been the inspiration behind alot of this stuff. THe whole movies pretty trippy actually you should check it out!


Lauren said...

The designs still amaze me. I'm so proud to be a nineties child. haha.

x x x


I get the impression your a fun person to know. Your blog is wicked. I love the hoof boots!

Anonymous said...

ah agreed, these are all so kick ass

Anonymous said...

great artists steal, good artists borrow. Always is and will be the game

rackkandruin said...

yesss, i love the hyper sexualized body suits! love the first one where the girl becomes a living motorcycle. mmm

Anonymous said...

i want to be a nasty biker chick.

Emma said...

the 5th image is direct from 1927 Germany. Metropolis!

sandra said...

everything what real super women should have! :)

robyn said...

Foxy, did you hear Mr Mugler is the creative director for Beyonce's tour? I read it last week in Women's Wear Daily. I suppose I understand where it fits, but it seems so wrong! I don't know..I have this unusal dislike for the woman and her music.

If you want to see it I'll scan the costume designs for you.