six o'clock and daylight

Like everyone else, I too am obsessed with collecting images off the internet.
starting from the left top (i might miss some though)
- Margiela thigh-high boot sandals: the standard ones never really did anything for me, but i'm a sucker for anything thigh-high 
- the images next to that speaks for itself and needs no explaining, i wish i knew where i got it from  
- face corset by Paddy Hartley for 'Project Facade' - corsetry fascinates me in general, this is definitely no exception 
- love the Tilda Swinton ed for Another Magazine, I think she's just a fucking gun + it's styled by Panos Yiapanis and he is my absolute favorite stylist
- panda / dog and i think i'm in love!! haha
- tabi boots by Marjan Pejoski. i like anything tabi, don't really know what to think of these (obviously i love them and i can't say anything about him ripping Margiela because Margiela ripped the Japanese ninjas)
- HEY-fucking-LO amazing Dolce coat (from the new collection)
- I will finish this off by mentioning Alice Cooper's chain mail / studded leather jacket, similar to Samantha's below. If you want to see this baby in action for a view minutes search 'alice cooper poison' on youtube


Georgie said said...

panda /dog? WHAT! How do I get one?!

Queen Of Russia said...

Those spiky-sparkly-studded boots fucking kill me!!!

You rule!



trashforcereaper said...

I fucking love Alice Cooper. My dad took me to see him twice when I was a kid, and I never really got over it.

PUG and PIPS said...

I have that Panda Dog saved to my laptop too! Saaa cute. Makes me so happy!

Luxirare said...

beautiful. I just saw that hot pink fur jacket yesterday some girl emailed it to me but since you've blogged it you've made my life easier tonight.
How amazing would it be to have a photoshoot with a headcage? I have a metal one but the one you've posted is scarier. Love it.

rackkandruin said...

that face corset is very Pulp Fiction (the gimp in the basement). and shit, now i need a panda-dog.