put the X back into HEX

i got these funny creeper meets sneaker shoes at Savers yesterday - they're so wrong but i love them! got some other cool shit that i want to put up on the blog if i have time. i've been really shit lately, back at uni now, and it's already pretty hectic.

1. altered black/white stripe dress / pvc leggings from byron bay market / grandpa's crucifix / new weird shoes ps: you're going to have to deal with my paint splattered and dirty mirror because I can't quite get the self timer thing quite right.
3. like above / one of my favorite things ever: most amazing fuchsia pink oversized blazer.
4. back of the blazer customised with new 'sleeve holders' see below: 


HOW GOOD ARE THESE!!!!!!! found them at this shop near uni that always has 50% off everything... with heaps of 80s deadstock. these were $1 for a pair so naturally i bought all pairs they had. besides being really good looking, they've solved some wardrobe problems


Lauren said...

Love those sleeve things! Hardware totally rocks with any kind of clothing. Those sneakers are damn good too. So wrong but so right always proves the best. haha.

x x x

Wends said...

arghhhh genius those sleeve holders!

x panache-halloweentown.blogspot.com/

Fashion Hayley said...

I was at Savers yesterday and found NOTHING! That never happens. Your shoes are amazing, I saw heaps like them in Tokyo, and wish I bought some, stupid dollar. I hear you about Uni, so hard to get back in the rhythm of things.

Anonymous said...

the blazer is a dream!!!!
pvc pants are the best ;)

chloe said...

oh, this rocks, love the shoes!
just did a post that you might appreciate, if you'd like to check it out! xxx

Anonymous said...


Kalin said...

Those sleeveholders are siiiiiiiick.

PUG and PIPS said...

I want some of those sleeve holders. Such a good idea!!

robyn said...

foxy! this is the best. i love all of your outfit posts, but this one really does it for me. it's like ann demeulemeester and the sex pistols had a love child <3.

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Ha! I have no idea what the normal function of a sleeve holder is, but I really like what you did with them!!


Jodes said...

Loves it all.

Ha ha....i found similar things that you use to hold the cover on your ironing board and bought a bunch of them for customising.

Must use them on a blazer as it looks kick ass!


Camille lala Wong K∆ said...

nice idea !

Anonymous said...

This is fucking genius. I wish you lived in London instead of Australia so that I could use you as a stylist or something. I get the impression that we wear a similar size, too, which is always a boon in a friend with great clothes (I might be a lot shorter, though. I always am.)

A.n.E said...

hahah genius!!! you might have just start a new thing here!

trigg and trig. said...

Nice find!! and such a rad outfit

Evelyn said...

cool cool i love u blog

-L said...

love the idea.

I actually just purchased a hot pink vintage blazer and haven't had time to tailor it.

trés chic.


Izumihiiiflower said...

this is excelent!
really useful!