leather jacket post

this is me and boyfriend's biker jacket obsession. Another two of his are missing from this photo but they are both just black ones. Also, the amazing black studded one in the bottom of the picture sadly belongs to my beautiful cousin. Luckily it's currently in my possession so expect it to be featured in some outfit posts soon. 





the ramones

stacey, siouxie and the banshees custom jacket

stacey, nate and mad rad

iggy pop in limited ed. wonder workshop jacket and duff post guns n' roses


Jodes said...

Oh....it's leather porn!

Love them, love them all!


die tägliche revolution said...

oh my gosh--- i love the green one!!! where is it from?

happy valentine's day!!



Alicia said...

Amazing collection! I do not feel so bad about my own four leather jackets (and seeking more).
Particularly loving the bottle green.

Liz! said...

Rad. You can never have to many. Glad to know I am not alone in this addiction.

Anonymous said...

one can never ever have too many leather jackets. my collection is growing day by day.
the siouxsie is real porn. my dear friend actually promised me to make me a siouxsie jacket! ha

Pixienish said...

What a great obsession! These photographs are leaving me to die inside hahaha. Thanks for the comment! Trade links? :)

Yoshi said...

That is the greatest leather jacket collection I've ever seen!! WOwowowowwww....honestly this just made my day!!!

Much better than a pint of chocolatechip cookie dough icecream.

zana bayne said...

Great post, and definitely envy-inducing. For me, I'm jealous because whenever I try on a leather motorcycle jacket I just end up looking like someone's lesbian mom... way not cute.

Queen Of Russia said...

fuck that's amazing!

I thought my addiction was bad...




P.S. you're totally on my blogroll!

fawn lust said...

This post is fantastic, I've been thinking about doing a similar one but my collection is tiny in comparison! Love 'em all!

Philippa Snow said...

My boyfriend and I are definately falling behind this in terms of our leather jacket collection (I blame him for only having one (!), the fucking slacker).

Your boyfriend always looks as though he dresses extremely well. Highlight of the post for me though has to be the slight raised eyebrows on the guy in the pale hat.

rackkandruin said...

oh my sweet jesus. leather porn is right!

trigg and trig. said...

the gold one? seriously??

Anonymous said...

woooo! im guessing your favorite would be
first row second one from the right!

robyn said...

holy fucknuggets. pardon my french.

Katie said...

i'd kill for the red one !amazing collection!

Grace said...

I burn, I pine, I perish!

Youngest Indie said...

This is the best post ever. I am crying, I'm so jealous of your jacket collection!!!! Love!!

Elle said...

Whoah. Killer. You guys rock.

laura. said...

your blog is awesome!
i was going through it thinking you have great taste in music...
then i come across this post and you know mad rad.. so do i!
haha its such a small world, i found it somewhat bizarre.
you dont expect to see people you know it randoms blogs.

your blog is fantastic!