ritual fertility

i love this picture, and it's its 2nd birthday in March so about time it makes another appearance. That and I have no time to do a real post. I'm pissed off: 1. my best friend broke her leg because a fucking 5 x 5 meter door fell on her at work a week and half before we're all going away 2. it should be my bed time but i have to stay up all night doing a job i have to email through by tomorrow morning 3. i'm still scarred with the image of this disgusting bogan from the suburbs that kept coming up on stage at SixFtHick gig and flashing everyone (i admit it was kind of funny the first time) He kept getting booted off back into the audience by one of the frontmen but somehow felt the need to keep coming up onto the stage to expose himself. loser

left: foxyman, me right: chantal (materialbyproduct)taken at l'oreal fashion week 07


Anonymous said...

amazing picture!!!
you live up to your name, ahah
thats the blog http://www.androcid.net/alyce/

Krystal said...

great photo, and i agree with your story x

elephantshoes said...

hey honey, i love your blog! i just noticed and wondering.. are u from thirdbest? i used to follow that blog religiously :( now it's all gone!

La Chauve-Souris said...

amazing pix