profilic depth, or static cling?



How good are these? They are from John Willie's Bizarre magazine - a taboo publication which was published irregularly during the 40s and 50s and could only be bought by mail order. It was the first magazine of its kind. The content gets a whole lot darker than the images above - with full blown gimpery and 'sexual' torture - there was pretty much no sexual preference or activity that wasn't discussed. 

The stylistic elements of the images from Bizarre pretty much go hand in hand with how bondage and sexual fetishism is represented today in lighter contexts such as a fashion publication or collection - another reason we should be thankful for the existence of these images - they are an obvious reference source of information and inspiration to the most influential fashion magazines, photographers, stylists, clothing and shoe designers. \ and most bondage seems to be one of those things that will never go away as far as a popular fashion aesthetic is concerned. 


Anonymous said...

and i was about to post something about bondage.
how epic is that comic strip?! incredible.
i have a soft spot for everything "taboo"

Anonymous said...

ahah, terrific!
i so so love your blog!

Anonymous said...

more blogs should link to your site!
but hey, you got a mention on vagabondset!! that's great publicity ;)
great you convinced your bf, i'm sure he looks hardcore now.
even i was thinking to shave a tiny bit of my head..
definitely need a change

July Stars said...

Love this post ... the bizarre, original and eclectic is so fascinating and only gets explored in fashion by people like Rick Owens and his incredibly interesting partner Michelle Lamy! Less formality, please ... more posts like this one!