Nick the Stripper

Another MMM post - but I just couldn't resist. I saw THIS  short film (and I really recommend you click on it) by Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben on SHOWstudio. Not only is it visually mouth watering and highly expressive (wouldn't expect anything less from Showstudio), but it pays homage to one of my personal favorite pieces out of all the SS09 collections. Read the text that accompanies the film and it pretty much explains why. Also: would just like to add how much this jacket annoys me. It's one of those things, just like a lot of Margiela's work, that is so brilliant and once you see it in front of you, you kick yourself for not thinking of it first. Clearly I'm overestimating my abilities here, but I guess that's the mastership of Martin Margiela - concepts that in retrospect seem so obvious, but obviously no one else thought of them first.

Some screen shots via SHOWstudio.



Anonymous said...

It looks like barbie dolls. ;)

Anonymous said...

your posts are great


Anonymous said...

are you kidding mme?