I'm cheating a little with this one because it's about 2 years old now, but I found it at my parent's house the other day and it doesn't really offend me now so thought I'd post it. Not really sure what it is but at the time I made it, it was supposed to hook on to this body harness/ cage thing I was working on for uni. It's made out of a few random chains I found around the house which I then sprayed white and connected all together. 
source: my camera


Krystal said...

AMAZING! wow x

D said...

That is amazing. You are very clever!

maddie said...

these are cool, i would definitely wear them!

FOXYMAN said...

Thanks heaps,
Krystal, D and maddie

Anonymous said...

these look great, especially on the red wool jacket. i've been on a madhunt lately looking for old chain for some jewelry i've been working on. at least it's a legit reason to be scoring the second hand shops in my area!

GretyDoll said...

omg fucking perfect. make me one ill pay you!