another D.i.Y (cheating again)

Sorry, another oldie but have been working too much to attempt any d-i-y's lately! This one me and my friend Christiana did last year when we had two nights - we left it 'till the last minute - to work on a 5 piece collection for the salvos where you get old shit from the op shop (thrift store) and remake it into something that could be considered "contemporary fashion". 


Anonymous said...

you're killing me.

D said...

I am completely amazed.

This project is one of those things that I'd attempt hoping for a kick ass dress but by the end all I'd have was a black string of wool 50 metres long.

brittany said...


i am head over heels in love with your blog and how fucking creative you are anddd and your amazing taste in EVERYTHING. so original compared to every other blog i've seen.

love love love.
i'm putting you in my favorites riiiight now.

JESSICA said...

thanks to lux i was introduced to your blog and i've loved it so much that i've dedicated a post to you as well. strictly because i use my blog as a source of inspiration, easier than printing it all out and having it on my computer all the time.

praising from syd!

Anonymous said...

whoa, killer!!!
yeah been so exhausted lately though i really wanted to post something.
i see you're getting more and more fame! you deserve it, lady!

Philippa Snow said...

Oh man. I would never be able to do this shit myself, and that makes me sad. You should start selling them on Etsy or something so the poor, craftless fuckers out there like me can buy them.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing.
So many Australian bloggers I've come across do not have this kind of (awesome) taste. Love that you're from Melbourne, adding your blog to my favourites.

andrea said...


Anonymous said...

Oh foxy,
Did I forget to mention? I was looking at your Polyvore shoes collection, and we have the exact same taste in shoes.


Fashion Trix said...

THAT is a DIY??? it's beyond amazing.

PUG and PIPS said...

aww thanks for your comment :)
So weird, I onyl found your blog today and loved it so much that I put it straight into my favourites..but I didn't even realise it was you! I was thinking who the hell is this 'Foxy Man' from Melbourne?//haha

I moved to Canada to be with my Canadian lover. I;m home in 8 weeks (thankGOD)

laura aka albee


PS best shred i've ever seen

Fashion Is Poison said...

holyshiiiiiit. killer.

Natalya said...

You're godly for doing this. I TAKE OFF MY HAT TO YOU GOOD SIR.

FOXYMAN said...

D - you should totally attempt it, seriously it doesn't start shredding all over the place so you can control it as you go!

Jessica - your blog link don't work!?! would love to check it out

Philippa Snow- maybe etsy is a good option, might look into it if i have some time

luxirare, what i wouldn't do for some of those shoes

thank you everyone xx

Anonymous said...

killer! you've taken the shredding diy to a whole new level. your blog is marvelous. i just started a blog of my own and would love for you to check it out. keep it up! molly

Fashion Hayley said...

I loved this on the night. Yours was def my fave collection. So super talented. Oh and btw the Retrostar sale is next weekend in Brunswich somewhere. xxx

FOXYMAN said...

oh Hayley!! thanks soooooo much, that's so lovely of you xxx

damn, i'm going to be in byron bay then... i can just add that to the list of things i'm going to miss that week!

kirsty lee said...

fucking amazing. now i just need to find a scarf.

LJ said...

you're very talented!!
xx-LJ from SOS!

life . style . dissected said...

blown away, like everyone above!!!!!

wow. wow. wow.


The Glossy Editor said...

v. impressive. this might be the best diy post ever...

Queen Of Russia said...

Dude. Thank you.

I dunno why I hadn't thought before, but i didn't. Your post made my day.

I fucking love raw creativity. you gots it!